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Dear Parents and Students,

The study of music is a wonderful endeavor that can not only have academic and professional benefits but also provide a lifetime of enjoyment and cultural awareness. In order to provide an effective
learning environment for you and to help us run the studio smoothly, we have created the following studio policy. The policy will be effective starting September 2009. Please note the changes to the
attendance section. 


Effective, regular and supervised practice is essential for progress in the student's piano skills as well as for their enjoyment of the instrument in particular and classical music in general. Practice should be treated as you would treat school homework. A regular schedule needs to be set up and followed with parental supervision. Lesson time should be used to refine existing skills and learn new ones, not to practice last week's assignment. The proper approach to practice will be taught at lessons and we expect it to be applied during home practice sessions.

Missed Lessons:

Your lesson time is reserved in the teachers' schedule exclusively for you, therefore missed lessons will not be refunded, nor will an adjustment be made in the following month's tuition. Each student
is allowed two excused absences during the school year and one during the summer session. These lessons will be made up. Any additional absences are considered unexcused and will not be made up. If you have a schedule conflict due to vacation, school activities etc. it may be possible to arrange an alternative lesson time with at least one week's notice  (this is done as a courtesy to the student and we cannot guarantee that a spot will be available). Students may also swap lesson times with another student to avoid using an excused absence.

We rarely cancel lessons and will either schedule a make up or give a credit for any classes that we do miss. Teachers' vacations will be announced as soon as possible. If you wish to discontinue lessons, two weeks’ notice is required. We reserve the right to terminate lessons due to chronic non or late payment and consistent lack of preparation for lessons. Lessons missed due to inclement weather (if the weather causes school closures and dangerous driving conditions) will be made up or credits will be issued.

Summer Lessons:

Summer break is a great opportunity to concentrate on the study of the piano. Taking the entire summer off will not only hinder a student’s progress but will also undo much of what was accomplished
during the school year. Due to these reasons all students are required to take a minimum of six lessons between June 15th and Labor Day. Students who do not fulfill this requirement cannot be guaranteed their spot in the fall schedule.


We will not be teaching on Thanksgiving, between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day and spring break. If your lesson falls on one of these holidays it will not be included in that month’s tuition. If your lesson falls on another official holiday that you wish to have off please let us know at the beginning of that month. You have the option of having a makeup or we will adjust that month’s tuition accordingly.


Payment for lessons will be due on the first lesson of the month. A $10 late fee will be added to any tuition payment that is not received before your second lesson of the month. If you will be absent on the first lesson of the month please mail or drop off your payment.


There are two studio recitals each year, one in December and one in June. Tatyana is a member of the National Music Teachers Association and the National Guild. Both organizations have many competitive and non-competitive performance opportunities for students throughout the year. While participation in recitals is not required, it is highly encouraged. In our experience, students benefit greatly from having a goal to work toward as well as from hearing their peers perform. Piano students are responsible for any registration fees that are required for participation in an MTNA or Guild activity. 
Violin students are asked to pay for the services of an accompanist should they require one for a recital. All students may be asked to contribute a small fee for hall rental where the studio recitals are held.

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